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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014 - Official Coverage - Best Of Runway Day 5. Models under the age of 18 the same rights as a child performer

Coco Rocha is “shocked” that designers are protecting underage models.

In November last year a law was passed that gave models under the age of 18 the same rights as a child performer.

Anyone walking the catwalk who hasn’t hit their 18th birthday is required to have a work permit and a trust fund set up in their name.

Designers also need a certificate of eligibility to engage child performers, else they could face a fine of $1,000 for the first violation, $2,000 for the second and $3,000 for the third and any thereafter.

With New York Fashion Week in full swing, 25-year-old Coco is pleased that so far no one has fallen at the first hurdle since the law was passed.

“People are listening,” Coco marvelled to New York Post’s Page Six. “I was actually shocked… because I was expecting someone here or there to forget about the laws or just not pay attention… We are day four or five [into Fashion Week] and we’re still doing good. Congratulations to all of the designers.”

Coco is known for being outspoken and has openly slammed the trend for very slim models on the catwalk.

She has also hit out at the use of Photoshop in the industry.

In a 2012 Elle shoot, Coco’s pictures were edited to make it appear as though the model was wearing very little under a sheer blue dress.

She immediately took to her blog to put people right.

“As a high fashion model I have long had a policy of no nudity or partial nudity in my photoshoots,” she said.

“For my recent Elle Brazil cover shoot I wore a body suit under a sheer dress which I now find was photoshopped out to give the impression of me showing much more skin than I was, or am comfortable with.”

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