Modelling School is pointless says Coco Rocha

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Coco Rocha insists people should be “wary” of modelling school.
The 25-year-old model has built her career on her ability to switch poses quickly – she can strike 50 different ones in 30 seconds. It’s an innate skill she has and not something she was taught. In fact the star is against colleges which promise to turn wannabes into top models, especially as they always charge so much.
“You do not need to go to a modelling school. At an agency, they’ll teach you what they want to teach you. For the girls out there who went to a modelling school, they paid $10,000 to learn how to put make-up on. But as a model, you’re not meant to put make-up on, you’re just the model that’s gonna come there and they will put the make-up and clothes on you,” she told “When it comes to modelling school, one-off things for a few hours are fine, but to have a school that’s a month long, you should just be wary.”
Coco is on a mission to dispel as many modelling myths as possible, such as that only tall girls can make it. Although it may be easier for taller women to have careers, she insists things have changed a great deal over the last decade. Now Coco believes it’s personality which is really the deciding factor.
“A four-foot-something girl is probably not going to make it,” she said. “Back in the day of the supermodels, you were pretty much a campaign girl or a runway girl. You wouldn’t switch over. But now you have to do both.
“5’5″ is probably the shortest you can be. But if you’re fun, quirky, exciting, people love you, you have a great work ethic and attitude, but you’re 5’4″ you’re going to make it. It’s not so much about height. A girl who’s 5’5″ but boring is not going to make it.”
Coco is also tired of the idea that models don’t work that hard and spend most of their time at parties. While it is a fun profession to be part of, it can also be incredibly hard work.
“A lot of models think it’s more of a party lifestyle instead of a job,” she claimed. “But this isn’t how modelling is. If you look back, many people still think of models as a rock ‘n roll lifestyle, and sure there’s a little bit of that; but that’s just not life 24/7. We have to actually arrive early at work, we have to come well rested and look prepared. Some models still go on the subway – I still go on the subway!”

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