Molly Sims for Nexxus

Haney Launch Party With Net-A-Porter - Arrivals. Molly Sims Nexxus' Face


Molly Sims is the face of Nexxus’ new line.

The blonde actress-and-model will feature in a new spring campaign for the hair care brand, which will promote the Color Assure line.

The latest products are designed to extend the life of colour-treated hair and Molly herself will undergo a “dramatic” colour change at the hands of newly appointed expert Aura Friedman.

She will then share her experiences online and across digital outlets.

David Rubin, the senior vice president of marketing for Nexxus parent Unilever, thinks that having someone using the new products and then instantly sharing the results will entice others to purchase the new range.

“What I think is important about Molly is that because she’s really using the product and doing it in a real-time way, we are very much using her as if she’s any [consumer]. There’s nothing like seeing something in action to believe it yourself,” David explained.

Molly, 40, rose to prominence as a model and was regularly featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues.

She transitioned into acting, starring in big budget movies including Yes Man and Starsky & Hutch.

“Molly is very relatable to the Nexxus woman and one nice thing about a public personality is that her hair always needs to look great under a lot of stress, which is a good test. We want to embrace the idea of educating the end consumer on how they get the most out of our products in a two-way dialogue in a way that takes advantage of technology,” David added.

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