Moss’ Biography has Surprised Everyone

Kate Moss signing 60th anniversary issue of Playboy magazine at Book Marc, London, Britain - 02 Dec 2013. Simply Titled Kate Moss.


Kate Moss is worth “landmarking”, says the author of her biography.

The British supermodel celebrates her 40th birthday today and her longevity in the industry has inspired Chris Roberts to write a biography about her simply titled Kate Moss.

Since being discovered at the age of 14 at JKF airport in New York, Kate has become one of the world’s most recognisable models and has worked for the biggest fashion houses in the world including Gucci, Channel and Calvin Klein.

“[Kate was] worth landmarking, She’s endured particularly well, and her career has had a longevity that I think most people didn’t think it would have when she was discovered at 14,” Chris revealed to British newspaper The Telegraph.

“You won’t find anyone with a bad word to say about her who knows her because a) they are friends, and b) there is this kind of fierce loyalty around her, there is a protective circle. There’s a very kind of defensive, loyal circle to whom she is loyal to in return as long as they don’t air her dirty laundry.”

The book chronicles Kate’s early years through to her catwalk domination. It also delves into the cocaine scandal that surrounded her, as well as her high profile relationship with Johnny Depp.

Despite never actually meeting Kate herself, Chris was able to put the book together by drawing on the media coverage surrounding the model as well speaking with some of her close friends.

Kate is known for her lack of public speaking, but Chris claims this just adds to her appeal.

“The Chapmans and the Tracey Emins and the Marc Quinns have made her an art icon in the same way Marilyn Monroe was in previous decades, and Lucian Freud as well. So she just sits back and lets that happen – it’s great for her because it just moves her up the echelons of divine, timeless beauties, like Marilyn,” he explained.

Chris believes that underneath all the mystery and awe that surrounds the queen of cool, Kate is actually no different to everyday people.

“The truth is, she’s probably a very ordinary girl from South London, but she’s become this media phenomenon that’s traversed the world and in one way it’s an emblem of the recent decades of the times that we live in that celebrity is being in the headlines, and being a recognisable visual image rather than discussing Shakespeare or whatever,” he added.

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