The mothers of the famous celebrities are prettier than their little stars

People believe that the way you mum looks that is the way that you will look when you get older.

These famous stars shows with pride their mums and all of them look glorious. I think all mums do.

Let’s enjoy these picture of the famous celebrities and their mums.

Kate Hudson and her beautiful mum

Kate Hudson

Justin Bieber and his beautiful mum

Justin Bieber

Bradley Cooper and his beautiful mum

Bradley Cooper

Beyonce and her beautiful mum Tina Knowles

Beyonce (who is a mum herself)

Jessica Simpson and her mum Maxwell Drew Johnson

Jessica Simpson (who is a mum of one and expecting another one)

The 3 Kardashian sisters and her mum

The Kardashian sisters and her beautiful and famous mum (the 2 younger sisters are missing)

Justin Timberlake and his beautiful and mature mum Lynn Harless

Justin Timberlake with his elegant mum Lynn Harless

Jennifer Lawrence with her elegant and petite mum

Jennifer Lawrence with her elegant, proud and petite mum

Gwyneth Paltrow and her not very fashionable mum

Gwyneth Paltrow and her Latin mum

Imogen Thomas and her mum in bikini
Imogen Thomas and her mum

Kate, Carole and Pippa Middleton
Kate Middleton and her mum

Audrina Patridge and her mum on the beach in California

Audrina Patridge and her mum

Kylie following anti-wrinkles advice from her mum

Kylie Minogue and her mum

Jennifer Lopez and her mum

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