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Chances are your nails have taken some abuse over the festive period. With all those parties and social events it’s tempting to match your fingertips to the colour of each new dress. And while it will add that extra touch of glam, constant applying and removing of polish can be damaging for your nails. If you’re finding yourself faced with flaking, brittle nails, it’s time to give your fingers a bit of New Year TLC.

If you’re left with the remnants of the last party’s hottest colour on your fingertips, remove it and let your nails go au natural for a bit. Use a gentle nail varnish remover – this means an acetone-free formula, preferably with moisturising oils to soften and care for your cuticles. It’s good to give your nails a chance to breathe and repair themselves, so aim for at least two weeks without polish.

Moisture is key when it comes to keeping your nails and cuticles happy and healthy. You are probably used to moisturising your face after each wash, and you should do the same for your hands. As they’re washed so often during the day, it’s important to moisturise after at least every other rinse, which will prevent dry skin.

If your nails are constantly breaking, it’s time to invest in a strengthening product. Check out ones that are particularly aimed at brittle nails in need of care. They are usually applied just like varnish with a small brush.

There are also changes you can make to your diet in order to keep your nails in good condition. Most of us are planning a health kick for January, so incorporate some nail strengthening foods into your meals. Biotin/Vitamin H is great for nails and can be found in food such as bananas, peanuts and salmon. Omega 3/fatty acids are also healthy and are present in fish, spinach and walnuts. In addition, protein, Vitamin A and zinc are recommended.

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