How to Make Nails Dry Faster

SOme Tips to Dry Nails Faster.

Most women will agree a manicure is the perfect way to finish off an outfit, but finding the time can be tricky. We’ve all tried to quickly polish our nails only to be faced with a smudged mess as we didn’t give them time to dry. But what if you could ensure your varnish was set rock hard within minutes of application? If that sounds too good to be true then read on, as we promise it’s achievable.

There are a few easy things you can do to ensure those telltale chips don’t happen too quickly. First up go for several thin coats instead of one thick one. It might seem like you’re saving time, but a fat layer of polish will always take ages to dry. Once you have put your two or so coats on add a quick drying top coat such as Seche Vite Dry Fast, which has received rave reviews. Next spritz your fingers with a special aerosol such as Onyx Professional 3-2-1 Dry!. This makes your nails touch dry in seconds, but you still need to be careful as smudging can still occur. It’s also not advisable to use between coats as the next polish layer won’t adhere well.

After some slightly less conventional tips? Try dipping your hands in a bowl of ice cold water. This doesn’t work on totally wet colour, but should set polish hard if you plunge your hands into the liquid about five minutes after application. If you don’t have time for that then go next level and stick your hands in the freezer instead. Chilly yes, but your polish will be set in no time.

If you don’t fancy freezing for fashion, reach for the cooking spray. It might sound messy but a quick spew of this can help nails set and it will soften cuticles and leave a film which means smudges are less likely.

You may not be familiar with air duster, but the clue is in the name – it’s air which is compressed into a can and can be sprayed into hard-to-reach areas, like computer keyboards, to clean out muck. It also works well on wet nails and leaves fingers nice and cool.

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