Natalie Imbruglia Cosmetic Surgery

Click to enlarge all the pictures you see hereNatalie ImbrugliaHas Natalie Imbruglia gone through Plastic Surgery?

We have seen pictures of her face to analyse if she has gone through facial cosmetic surgery.

My veredict is that she hasn’t.

What about her breasts.

There are rumors that she has gone through breast enlargement. I couldn’t find pictures showing clearly how her breasts were before.

These are some of the oldest pictures that I found of Natalie’s breasts. I don’t think she has her breasts enlarged (at least not after these images). Maybe before…. Sorry I couldn’t find more evidence.

Natalie Imbruglia

After your comments I kept looking for more pictures and it looks like Natali Portman did get breast implants at a certain point.

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Natalie Imbruglia Cosmetic Surgery — 4 Comments

  1. natalie imbruglia definitely has some work done on her breasts but not at the time these pics were taken. the right pic actually is an earlier one than the left.
    very obviously she’s also had some facial procedures but while she seemed to have started with fillers in her late 20s, first cheeks, then cheeks and upper lip area, she very likely had done sth more rigorous like a partial face lift after her divorce. she’s also had botox but it seems as if she is more cautious with that now, which suits her way better.

  2. oh and she definitely had one if not two subtle nose jobs to refine the tip, these she must have had at a quite young age, probably one before and one after torn, hard to say, very good jobs.

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