Nathan Sykes goes blond

getting blond hair

Nathan Sykes is considering dyeing his hair blond.

The Wanted singer seems to think blonds may have more fun, as he pondered on his Twitter account whether he should go back to the lighter shade he sported as a youngster.

Nathan is currently in Singapore with the rest of his band mates and found himself unable to sleep, so started to wonder about his appearance.

“Was just thinking about how blonde my hair was when I was younger … I wonder what I would look like now with hair that light (sic),” he posted to his 1.6million followers.

His fans were quick to respond, with some more encouraging than others.

“@NathanTheWanted it was cute, but don’t u dare color it! Lol ur hair is perfectly good now. Besides the darker color makes ur eye color pop (sic),” replied follower @addypink25.

While @TheBillyFenty tweeted, “@NathanTheWanted I can make so many dumb blonde jokes about you if you ever go back blonde. (sic)”

As the youngest member of The Wanted, 20-year-old Nathan is often referred to as the baby of the group.

He seemed more than pleased with the response his ‘childish’ hair dye dilemma got.

“The reaction to that last tweet was hilarious, (sic)” he posted.

But it’s not all fun and games for Nathan, as rumours have surfaced he and girlfriend Ariana Grande are going through a rough patch, with some saying the pair have gone their separate ways.

“They just weren’t into it anymore,” a source told

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