Natural Beauty & Imperfections of Celebrities without Make Up

Being beautiful is being imperfect and still be happy with ourselves.

Nobody is perfect and not even celebrities.

I am glad to find pictures like the ones below to share with all women that feel depressed when they compare themselves to the stars in the red carpet. Even famous celebrities are not always looking their best but even when they go ‘natural’ they are still pretty like you and me (with our imperfections).

Amanda Seyfried looks beautiful withoug make up. Her beauty problems is that her skin tends to look redish when she has got no make up.

Kirsten Stewart loves to go to the extremes. She eithers goes for very dark make up or she dares to bare her facial skin without make up even if we can get to catch her with dark circles. After all it suits her vampire style.

Kate Winslet is proud to show her natural beauty without make up. Her only beauty problem on that flawless skin is that she has started to develop some wrinkles on her face. Or maybe is just a bad shot because we all have wrinkles when we smile or make gestures.

Katie Holmes is one of those pretty faces that is very confident about her beauty. The former wife of Tom Cruise is confident enough to walk on NYC without make up even when she knows that 1000s of paparazzis would like to see her imperfections. About her beauty problems the actress has got oily skin that we can observe here.

Naomi Watts is not completely free of make up on this pic. The actress has got some mascara but she is free of foundation. These shows that we can still look natural even without going for the whole make up pack.

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