Natural Beauty Is Better Than Retouched

Glossy Mags show us pictures of ‘perfect women’ that don’t exist.

We observe their bodies on those covers and they seem perfect. We can’t see a facial imperfection.

They have been blamed for creating complexes among real women that are never as slim as those famous celebrities.

The truth is that those celebrities are not as perfect as they look when we get to see them in real pictures.

For me the truth is that those famous women look prettier no real images than on those ugly photoshopped images.

Let’s have a look to some of them.

Lucy Mecklenburgh’s body was retouched to be in the cover of a glossy man.

The designers have reduce the size of her waist and her legs look slimmer. I believe that she looks better and healthier on the real pic. Her face is also different, they retouch aims to make her look prettier but I believe she looks so fake.

The American Ashley Benson looks so plastic on the retouched pic compared to the fresh look that she has on her real shot.

Compare the real beauty of Ashley, the colour of her eyes is prettier and her real lips are sexier in the real picture of this star.

Our Aussie Miranda doesn’t need the help of Photoshop at all, indeed the Victoria Secret’s model looks prettier on her natural shots.

Miranda has just posed for Women Fitness UK, British Vogue and Cosmopolitan Australia.

Let’s check how modern magazine look compared to old Glamour Magazines.

I certainly believe that Photoshop does transform faces and bodies of the stars but in most cases these women are not really favoured by the makeover.

Natural Beauty is Best!

What do you think?

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