Most Natural Hair Styles of Kate Middleton

We love Kate’s hair don’t we?

Catherine Middleton is so pretty and she knows it! The Princess knows that her hair is the frame of that beautiful and angelical face. We get to see her amazing hair on the most natural ways we have ever seen. We have to take advantage of the natural environments where the Duke and the Duchess are where they have to look simple and show the simplest looks considering that they are visiting the Solomon Islands.

This picture was shown by the Daily Mail to prove that everybody gets a frizzy hair (even princesses).

Kate however has managed to handle well her bad hair days during her trip what is particularly hard because of the humidity in the locations they have visited. (The Islands remain at a steamy 27C (80F) throughout most of the year, but there is some respite from June to August with cooler temperatures. November to April sees more, frequent rain – and the occasional cyclone.)

These are the most natural hairstyles that Kate has ever shown

Probably what Kate did best is to keep her hair as natural as possible.

A few pictures caught the Princess trying to control her amazing hair.

Kate & Will with the islanders.

More about Kate & Will’s trip in the Solomon Islands?

The couple are staying in a secluded £780-a-night (1,200 Australian dollars) thatched leaf bungalow with its own private jetty from where they can go sunbathing, snorkelling and canoe paddling.
Kate and William are staying on the five star private island resort of Tavanipupu, an ideal honeymoon destination.
The island had been a coconut plantation in the 19th century before English interior decorator Dennis Bellote and his late partner Keith Paske bought it in the 1970s.
In 2010 the population of the Solomon Islands was just over half a million people. The majority are Christian but the worship of ancestors is still widely practised in village areas.
One of the ancestral beliefs is that the soul is re-incarnated in birds, reptiles or sharks. As such these creatures are held in high regard. Solomon Islanders have traditionally worshipped the shark and when warriors went out on raiding parties to rival islanders, some of the tribesmen would usually swim alongside in shark costumes.
Handicraft skills are also passed down through the generations as is the ability to play the pan pipes.
The Duke and Duchess have received nothing but a warm welcome from islanders during their tour of the South Pacific, so it’s hard to believe that up until the 1930s they were considered violent and dangerous head-hunting, cannibals who worshipped skulls.

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