ND: Yag Laser Sydney

Cosmetic Clinics that perform NDYag Laser Treatments in Sydney

Nad’s Hair Removal – Parramatta – Sydney
MdCosmedical Solutions – Sydney CBD – Wahrronga

Nd Yag Laser is used by Cosmetic Clinics and Cosmetic Therapists for Face & Leg Vein Removal and Laser Hair Reduction for darker skins.

Nd: Yag Lasers operate at 1064 nanometres which means the Yag penetrates deeper into the skin and is best suited for hair removal on darker skin types and on tanned skin (not recommended for recently tanned or sun burnt skin)

Due to the Nd: Yag’s operating wavelength, this type of laser is also commonly used for treatment of leg veins, facial veins, wrinkles and used for skin tightening.

The beauty of this treatment is that no surgery, anaesthesia or painful injections are part of the treatment. It doesn’t require to use bandages and there is o downtime.

It offers o provide long lasting results and has been proven in other women.

Sydney4women.com.au does not recommend any treatment or cosmetic clinic. We just present this information for your convenience so you can decide what is the best option for your beauty and health needs for whatever might be your cosmetic condition that requires a cure or a solution.

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Do you have any comments about NDYag Laser?
If you have used this techological device for hair removal or to reduce Face & Leg Veins Redness (Speider Venis and Capillaries) please leave your comments here. Many other women in Sydney who need a solution for their unwanted hair or Vein Problems will appreciate what you have to say.

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ND: Yag Laser Sydney — 2 Comments

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    5. Skin Analyzer System
    6. Nd-yag laser skin care system (Provide on-the-site installation and training, etc.)

    Other main equipments are:
    Micro-Crystal Dermabrasion machines,
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