Neon Bras seem to be the trend among the stars

Ashley Benson wears a neon top for her gym outfit
Ashley Benson in the image above.

I have been spotting this neon bra trend among the star, just today I got to see pictures of 2 different stars wearing 3 different outfits where we can clearly see that this colour of underwear has become a trend.

Below Kaley Cuoco, the star of The Big Bang Theory lets us see that she is wearing a pink neon bra.

Kaley Cuoco wears a pink neon bra as gym wear

Again the same TV actress is following the trend with a different attire, this time it is a green neon bra with a white see through top.
Kaley Cuoco wears green neon top and a see through singlet
The actress loves to be shiny for her yoga lessons.

Kylie Jenner, the teen star, sister of Kim Kardashian follows trends. We have seen her in my other post wearing her asymmetrical miniskirt paired with a simple white top and a neon bra underneath.
Kylie Jenner wearing an asymmetrical mini-skirt

Britney Spears was also spotted this week in very casual clothes but we can observe if we pay attention to the image that the singer also wears a neon bra.

Brintney Separs in Casual Clothes


Can we agree that the neon bra is a trend? Before we used to hide our underwear, today they have become a garment to be proud of.

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