Nicole Kidman Before and After

Nicole Kidman is probably one of the stars that has changed the most.

Not only because of the cosmetic procedures that she has gone through but also because she has changed her looks a lot since her early days.

All women change their looks, life is change and we cannot stay the same, we reinvent ourselves all the time. Our look at 40 cannot be the same as the one we had when we were 20. Fashion also changes, new hair styles are invented + we also add our own flavour and we develop our preferences on the way we look and on what we want to show to the world about us.

Anyway it is fun to show pictures of important personalities such as beautiful Nicole that has changed a lot since her first public appearances.

Plastic Surgeries for Nicole Kidman?
Some people might say that she looks very plastic now, others say that she is amazingly beautiful right now.

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