Olivia Wilde | Before and After | Plastic Surgery & Beauty Treatments Revealed

Click to enlarge all the pictures you see hereolivia wilde gala night

Has Olivia Wilde gone through Plastic Surgery?

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wild

Have a look at these pictures and you will be able to say.

Guess Model

I think her nose looks a bit reshaped and her lips have more volume.

But in these pictures it is very hard to tell…

Olivia Wilde Before and After

What about breast enlargement?

Has the now sexy Olivia Wilde gone through breast plastic surgery to enlarge the size of her boobs?

Olivia Wide Boob Job?

They are not too big but the look a bit bigger than before…
What do you say? Plastic Surgery or not?

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Olivia Wilde | Before and After | Plastic Surgery & Beauty Treatments Revealed — 7 Comments

  1. You should add the before of Olvia in the black halter dress and compare it with the picture of her in the red dress from the movie “The Change Up.” I found your site b/c I was shocked to see her w/ such a big chest suddenly and had to find out if she had plastic surgery or not – given the pic in the black dress – the answer is a resounding “YES!” See for yourself (at least 2 cup sizes)


  2. 1) You compared a smiling photo with a non-smiling photo. When a person smiles, the lips stretch thin and the nose stretches wider.

    2) You compared a differently-lit appearance photo with a PHOTOSHOPPED professionally shot photo where her arms are practically squeezing her boobs forward.

    3) After all that you’re not even sure.

    4) Olivia Wilde is an all-natural beauty.

  3. Creo que son bastante pelotudos los que subieron estas fotos, si se fijan en las fotos en las que sonrie su nariz se ve IGUAL, logicamente si comparan una en la que esta sonriendo con una en la que esta tirando un beso su boca estara mas carnosa y su nariz mas angosta… la foto del busto es simple si se fijan en la postura de los brazos simplmente los esta aprosionando para delante con lo cual SIEMPRE parecera mas grande

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  7. she´s the kind of actress who need tons of make up to look hot SHE IS NOT A NATURAL BEAUTY , so I don´t think she got a nose job or lips aumentation in the pictures where she looks great she just put on her face tons of make up and her hair style cover the super square shape of her face, and the picture where her boobs look bigger, well that picture was taken from a magazine, and everybody knows that magazines thanks photoshoops show us any actress even hotter than she really is, and obviously in that picture Olivia looks hotter than she is in real life, so I prefer natural beauties because they are the real hot women and not this kind of actresses who are usually ugly girls who disguises themselves of hot women.

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