Olivia Wilde is wearing T-shirts

Olivia Wilde is loving this fashion trend of wearing printed t-shirts, just to be out and about or even to attend the red carpet events the actress and model has been seen with different retro style tees.

Olivia Wilde wears a wide T-Shirt

The House actress wears skinny jeans, short boots and a doggy printed white t-shirt (out and about in the street).

Remember this how we last saw her wearing an asymmetric skirt and a retro top that would not seem to be outstanding but it was indeed a great DO the fashion critics.
Olivia Wilde wearing a t-shirt for a formal event
With thise outfit selection Olivia shows that we can dare to wear clothes that we would not normally wear for different occasions.

I like to share these pics because this what celebrities wear in their everyday lives and the images give us ideas of the style that they follow + we can get inspiration an ideas of how to dress. I personally don’t like this boyish t-shirt style, I like more things that are more narrow because I believe with this t-shirts there is a chance that you can be showing more kilos than your actual weight. It is a visual effect and these tops are wider than your real body size. Of course Olivia is quite slim and she can dare to wear whatever she wants and it looks good but just keep this in mind. It is in fact a common tip that personal stylists give: ditch your t-shirts. The question now is to ditch or not to ditch? Maybe a good balance and pairing them with the right bottoms like Olivia did you can still you that show your real body you can still manage to look sexy in those clothes.

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