Why An Ordinary Woman Regrets Cosmetic Surgery

Not all celebrities have the most beautiful nose in the world to be famous.

This is Aussie Shelley Craft who is famous, pretty and doesn’t have a perfect nose shape and still has a beautiful face.

Rachel had plastic surgery to fix a prominent lower jaw and underbite, when she was 18. Even though the operation was successful, it’s a decision that, at 34, she regrets.

Warnings for Cosmetic Surgery from An Ordinary Woman

Rachel says she thinks she put herself through an unnecessary procedure.

‘I went under anaesthetic for four hours, worried my parents sick and endured six months of swelling — for what? A rounder face which is no more attractive than the face I had before.
‘Interestingly, I notice I’m drawn to faces which are a bit more quirky, with strong jaws. I look at Sigourney Weaver and Keira Knightley, who have underbites like I used to have, and think the quirkiness adds to their sex appeal.’

Rachel adds: ‘I wish I could say to young girls considering surgery for a perceived flaw: “Think before changing your body. Give yourself a year or two and see if you can’t learn to live with it.” ’
It’s a message echoed by psychologist Linda Papadopoulos. ‘We need to learn to look at our faces, not with contempt, but with a sense of ownership,’ she says.
‘Many people think if they fix their nose, they fix their life, but there’s no evidence of that. You’d expect that after plastic surgery there would be a lift in self-esteem. In fact, research shows that any self-esteem boost is temporary. As soon as it goes, the patient feels they need to get something else altered.’
Linda says young women who want plastic surgery should be encouraged to delay their decision for as long as possible.

Cosmetic surgery: It’s not the shortcut to happiness many people believe is, say psychologists

‘Ideally, people who want cosmetic surgery would be treated like those who want sex change procedures and have to live as if they’ve had the operation for a while, so they know what it feels like. For example, want bigger breasts? Then you have to wear chicken fillets 24 hours a day for a year.’
I once saw a computer simulation of what I’d look like after a nose job. Although my ‘new’ nose was smaller and more refined, it threw the rest of my face out of balance, making my cheeks look fatter and draining the character from my features.

I’ve got a face that people remember, an individual face. Why would I want to look blander?
Sophia Loren has a strong nose, as do Anjelica Huston, Sarah Jessica Parker and, of course, Barbra Streisand. They are all considered beautiful, if not conventionally so, and they are ageing well. And don’t forget that Nicole Kidman didn’t win an Oscar until she donned a large false nose to play Virginia Woolf.

The above are not my views, this is just part of the story of an ordinary woman who shared ther thoughts with the DailyMail.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1382536/Cosmetic-surgery-answer-learn-love-skin-youre-in.html#ixzz1LdybKrnr

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