Overseas Breast Implants Costs | Boob Job Prices in Thailand

Thailand has become a popular destination for Sydney women who want to get a boob job done.

The way they promote themeselves says:

“Women who crave a fuller bust line and admire the figures of such icon’s as Pamela Anderson and Dolly Parton can now travel to attain breast implants in Thailand. The idea of larger, fuller breasts has excited women the world over for centuries and now thanks to breast implants available in Thailand women can now cosmetically alter their appearance to suit their desires. “

Some Australian ladies believe that Thailand is a much more cheaper option for a Breast Cosmetic Surgery. I have put here some information that I found about costs for a Breast Enlargement Opeartion in Thailand.

The plus for many women is the trip to Thailand. Remember that it is a painful surgery and it is better if you have a family member next to you to look after you while you recover.

Yanhee in Bangkok PAI in Bangkok Phuket Hospital Bangkok Hospital Samui Bandon Hospital Samui
$2800 ~ less 400 cc
$3200 ~ 400-525 cc
$4200 ~ 550-880 cc
$8000 ~ 1000 cc
2,925 3,244 3,750 2,910
Stay in Hospital 1 night 1 night 1 night 1 night 1 night


Mammoplasty is the correct surgical term to describe breast implants, which are done to enhance the size of under-developed breasts or breasts that have reduced in size after childbirth.  During this surgical procedure the implants are inserted behind the breast tissue.

What is the length of the breast implant surgery in Thailand?

The typical length of time taken for this type of surgery is anywhere between one and two hours, depending on the type of implant being received, the sort of incisions being made and pocket placement of the implant.

Who is a candidate for breast implants in Thailand?

Ideal candidates for breast implants in Thailand are women who are not satisfied with the natural size of their breasts and want an enhancement.  This type of surgery is also beneficial to women who have had a mastectomy, which means a removal of one or both breasts due to breast cancer.

How are the breast implants in Thailand performed?

There are several various types of breast implants in Thailand available to you.  Silicone gel implants contain a silicone gel contained in a silicone shell, saline implants contain sterile saline solution contained in a silicone elastomer shell.  Soy oil is an alternative filler, as is polypropylene string, but the choice is up to the patient.

breast augmentation thailand

What does a patient expect from breast implants in Thailand?

A boost in confidence and self-esteem is the side effect of improving the size and appearance of a woman’s breasts.  Increasing the natural size of the breasts often gives a balanced appearance to the figure, accentuating the curvature of the waist.

What are the side effects involved with breast implants in Thailand?

Breast implants in Thailand, as with any other surgical procedure, come with a certain amount of risks.  Patients are at risk of experiencing bleeding, infection, scarring, implant rupture and leakage, changes in sensation in both the breasts and nipple areas, obstructed mammography and issues with breast-feeding of infants.

How long does the patient need to stay in hospital?

Depending on the type of implants, anywhere from 1 to 2 days.

  • < 400 – 525cc = 1 night stay
  • 525 – 1000cc = 2 night stay

Are there any noticeable scars left after a breast implant treatment?

All surgical procedures leave scars, but most should fade to near invisibility over time.

What kind of anaesthesia is given during the breast implant procedure?

Local or general anaesthesia and sedation are used for breast implants in Thailand.

Frequently asked questions:

When can patients resume normal activities?

One to six weeks recovery period, depending on the patient and the implants received.

How long will the result last?

The results of the surgery are long lasting.

Will breast implant surgery be painful?

There will be a considerable amount of pain but this can be controlled by pain medication.

Submuscular submuscalar

  • Best recovery of the implant
  • More Natural Feel
  • Reduced risk to feel the folds of the implant with saline
  • Ideal for patients with low mammary gland

Subglandular subglandular

  • For patients with a large amount of breast tissue
  • Technique often used for silicone gel implants
  • Significant risk to feel the folds of the implant with saline

www.sydney4women.com.au does not recommend any plastic or cosmetic surgery treatment.  Remember that there are risks involved in any cosmetic procedure.   Make sure you are being treated by a recognised plastic surgeon.

If you have any comments or reviews about having a Boob Job Overseas feel free to leave your review in the form below.

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