Paris Hilton doesn’t feel the pressure of being slim

Paris wears a leopard print dress

Paris Hilton doesn’t feel the pressure to stay slim.

The blonde heiress has always been svelte and loves showing off her figure at red carpet events.

However, she doesn’t worry about what others think she should look like.

“Not with me,” she answered Britain’s OK! magazine when asked if she thinks there is too much pressure to be skinny in showbiz.

“I try to eat healthily, especially more recently, but I love fast food like Fatburger. I see that there are some people in the industry that feel the pressure, though.”

The 32-year-old star is currently dating model River Viiperi, who is almost 11 years younger than her.

However, Paris has the body of a much younger woman thanks to her dedicated exercise regime.

“I love doing Pilates – if I’m in town I’ll do it five times a week with a trainer. If I’m travelling I’ll try to go to the hotel gym or go swimming.”

Paris has an enviable home and wardrobe, which even featured in 2013 movie hit The Bling Ring.

She also collects footwear, which she loves to show off.

“I’ve probably got well over a thousand pairs of shoes in total!” she laughed.

“I have a lot of shoes because I’m a designer as well – I’ve had my shoe line for about eight years now so I have a lot of those, and I also get sent a lot of sample shoes because I’m a designer. I love Louboutins and own lots of pairs. All girls love shoes!”

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