Party Pleat

Party Pleat. Party Perfect Hair


If you’re on the lookout for party-perfect hair, a tousled twisted plait might be the solution.

Braids have never been more on trend, featuring in countless runway shows over the last few seasons.

From halo braids at Valentino and fishtails at Marc Jacobs, to sculpted twists at Prada and looped plaits at Rodarte – 2013 has been something of a woven wonder.

So why not toast the year of the braid with a modern twist on the classic French pleat.

You’ll look timelessly chic as you see in the New Year.

French plaiting is surprisingly easy. Start by dividing your hair into three sections and begin to plait as normal.

Then simply add a small amount of hair to the left section and place it over the centre section.

Next, add a small amount of hair to the right section and place it over the centre section. Then keep on doing that until you’re fully plaited.

Here are session hairstylist Marc Trinder’s tips for creating a party-perfect, glamorous look.

1. Spray Charles Worthington Daily Defence Heat Defence Spray into your hair before sectioning it. Use a large tong or wand to wave the ends in different directions.

2. Back-brush the crown area and gently smooth.

3. Taking the entire top section, French plait your hair from the base of the crown and continue until halfway down the length of the hair.

4. Secure in place with a snag-free band, leaving the ends wavy to blend into the base.

5. To finish, lightly spray some maximum hold hairspray onto your hands and scrunch fingers through to break up the waves. Party perfect.

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