Penelope Cruz Says Sometimes She Needs to Be Ugly or Old

Penelope Cruz Pretty Nose and Smile

When Penelope Cruz was asked about the pressure to always look beautiful the Spanish actress said:

“That stuff only happens on the red carpet. My job is really not about those things. My job is about the four or five months I spend on the set. There, I don’t have to worry about how I look, only about how my character needs to look. If she’s ugly, I need to be ugly. I she’s old, I need to look old.”

On Madison Magazine – Australia November 2012

The star also told the magazine that she feels stronger after chilbirth.

“I felt stronger after childbrith. What you feel is so powerful… I felt like my body could do anything.”

About her looks as a teenager Cruz said:

“I had a very interesting perm when I was 14″ … ” I wanted to look like the girl in the Michael Jackson vide for “The Way You Make Me FEel”… We all wanted that hair.”

About her beauty secrets

She loves the sun but hse always wears very high protection sunscreen. Lancome seems to be also her favourite brand.

About sex appeal the Spanish girl said

“I am sure it’s confidence”
“It has nothing to do with a big ego. It’s about not taking yourself too seriously, being able to laugh about yourself. I think that is a very important quality in a man or a woman. It’s confidence, not arrogance – being comfortable with yourself.”

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