Perfect Hair, Perfect Nails: Kate Beckinsale goes for it!

Oh my God! We women have so much pressure on looking perfect.

Doest it sound familiar:

  • Perfect hair
  • Perfect nails
  • Perfect feet
  • Perfect skin
  • Round and big boobs
  • No excess fat
  • Flat ab
  • Perfect outfit
  • Perfect shoes

The truth is that none of the above are totally achievable for a busy woman on a normal day.  Even celebrities show their imperfections.  I have seen Madonna and Selena Gomez showing not perfect feet, Christina Aguilera wearing non-perfect outfits, AnnaLynne Maccord showing her facial blemishes and many more that you can discover if you continue surfing on this blog.

Today on the dairies I found a pic of Kate Beckinsale, the English star who lives in LA.

The actress shows perfect hair and nails for a normal day.


How much time does she spend getting her wavy hair this perfect?


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