How to get the perfect shave

Tips to get the perfect shave

I have been shaving my for ages and I didn’t know these great tips that Schick is sharing.

I got their permission to publish these great tips here at sydney4women.

1. Scrub your skin

I never thought that scrubbing your skin would help you to get better results when you shave your legs. I have tried this one and it make a big difference, the only problem is finding the time to scrub your skin. I guess you can do this once a week and this trick would still make a difference.

2. Don’t use old blades

I have tested this one. When I use old razors or old blades I get more cuts.

3. Moisturise after shaving

I know this one but I don’t do it very often. I will pay more attention to this one.

I have also found that if I don’t moisturise after shaving my skin doesn’t shine. Normally when I bother shaving is because I will be wearing a dress or a miniskirt so I should be careful with the way my legs look. It is not worth the effort if you don’t pay attention to these small details.

Shaving 101: How to get the perfect shave

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