Personal Stylist of the Stars Rachel Zoe Doesn’t Present Herself Like a Pro

How to dress if you are a professional stylist of the stars? Please don’t dress like this.

Rachel Zoe's Dresses Mistakes

Rachel Zoe, the personal stylist of the stars presented herself like this to the INSTYLE event. Most of us know that Instyles means fashion. We also know that fashion stylists help their clients to choose the right outfits to look great, part of it is helping them to select the clothes that suit them the best to show the best bits of their bodies.

Rachel Zoe has got her own TV show, she has written a book, she has signed up very famous clients such as Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan and Anne Hathaway, Nicole Richie has even broken up relationships with her but she is meant to be a super star for putting together the best fashion pieces.

I wondered what happended to her this time? Look at her dress and it looks like she is ready to go to bed in a summer and not very sexy night.

I have seen that she is super slim. I was actually worried about her being anorexic. Check her in the pic below just a few days ago when she was spending some time in the beach and she didn’t even dared to take her clothes off at the beach.

Rachel Zoe Bones in Bikini

She had a baby not long ago and look how scary skinny she looks. I believe that this was part of the reason why she didn’t glow at the red carpet, we have been used to her great red carpet moments that I feel sad she was included in the list of the Golden Globes’ Worst Dressed Señoritas.

This is the pic I was taking about. Check it out.

Skinniest Woman in Hollywood? ... Rachel Zoe is winning!

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