Personal Trainer responsible for Beyonce’s body shape

Beyoncé Knowles


Beyoncé Knowles reportedly uses her personal trainer’s “power moves” to stay in shape.
The 32-year-old musician unveiled her new svelte figure at the Grammy Awards last month. She dazzled in a white dress by Michael Costello and also took to the stage to perform with her husband Jay Z.
Along with a strict diet Beyoncé has also reigned in the help of fitness expert Marco Borges.
“Bey has dropped to a tiny [UK] size 6-8, the thinnest she’s been in years. She’s eating very occasional small amounts of fish and meat, but sticks mainly to organic veg, seeds, nuts and lentils for protein,” a source told British magazine Closer.
“She’s also cut out most dairy and sugar. She uses Marco’s signature ‘power moves’ regime, which exercises several muscle groups at once as well as doing high-intensity interval-training to burn calories quickly.”
Beyoncé and her rapper spouse took part in a 22-day strictly vegan diet before Christmas. It is thought all her hard work to get into shape is for her upcoming tour.
However, another reason why Beyoncé is keen to be fitter could be because she is ready to have another baby. She and Jay Z, 44, welcomed their daughter Blue Ivy in January 2012 and the singer has made it no secret she wants another baby.
“I definitely want another child, after this next tour maybe I’ll have another baby,” she told talk show host Oprah Winfrey last year.
“Bey hopes to give Blue Ivy a brother or sister this year as the couple would love to have four children before Jay turns 50,” a source added to Closer.

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