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British Fashion Awards 2013 - Red Carpet Arrivals. Men Behind the Label.

Peter Pilotto’s Target collection is full of “energy”.

Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos, the men behind the label, confirmed that they are collaborating with US retailer Target on a line earlier this year.

Launching on February 9 the range will feature 70 womenswear pieces. Costs will be between $15 and $80 for clothing, while accessories come in at $17 to $40.

By using bright colours Christopher hopes shoppers will be blown away when they come face to face with the finished pieces.

“The luxury of our collection is to see it, to confront the craft of it, and understand the layers of embroidery and lace. When you’re in front of it, you feel the full energy of the pieces,” he told “[We relied heavily on feedback from pictures], which is how you get it online.”

Peter added: “Today you need to analyse how something looks in a small photo, and that’s present while you create. If something is not photogenic, it’s just not happening.”

The British designers, who joined forces in 2007, wanted the affordable line to reflect Peter Pilotto’s iconic designs. Their much-loved pieces are worn by A-list stars such as Kristen Stewart and Carey Mulligan.

“Even if it’s a cheaper price point, it was mutually agreed with Target that the collection had to look very Peter Pilotto,” Christopher continued.

“We chose a couple of prints and used seams to achieve an engineered colour silhouette,” Peter chimed in.

The line will be available from Target stores and online, as well as being featured on internet retailer Net- a-Porter.

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