Peter Pilotto’s ‘original’ Target designs

Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos will reveal their Target Collection.


Peter Pilotto want its Target line to have an “identity of its own”.

The fashion house, helmed by Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos, are to unveil its collection for the American retailer on Sunday.

Over the years the duo have won a British Fashion Award and now have their clothing sold in 220 stores in 50 countries.

For their Target range the designers were keen to give the store a unique variety of pieces which cater for its target audience.

“All the prints used in the collection are original. We made a point to make this collection different from our main line. We wanted it to have an identity of its own. Our collection with Target represents a true partnership,” Christopher explained to British newspaper Metro. “From our first meeting, we worked side by side with their team to create the collection. Together, we researched and discussed ideas. The collection evolved through each of the different design phases.”

Target approached them last year for a collaboration. Peter and Christopher were so keen to work with the popular store that they had already planned to get in contact before Target beat them to it.

“Target approached us but we knew we wanted to collaborate with them,” he smiled.

“They’re famous for their amazing collaborations in the fashion industry and have produced well-known and impactful collections that people are still talking about. It’s a great feeling to know that those who aspire to own our designs will finally have the opportunity to purchase items that are within their budgets.”

Those outside of the U.S. will be able to purchase the items from website Net-A-Porter. The online retailer’s buying manager Ben Matthews is pleased to be offering fashion fanatics the chance to get their hands on the innovative collection.

“The prints are elaborate but the shapes are simple. You can wear one of their intricate, embroidered dresses with just a pair of pointed-toe flat shoes and minimal jewellery,” he added.

“We have always believed in Peter Pilotto for their attention to fabric innovation, sharp shapes and standout designs. Every collection is as exquisite as the last.”

Peter Pilotto are also currently preparing for London Fashion Week later this month. Meanwhile New York Fashion Week kicked off today.

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