Phillip Lim bucks trend

Phillip Lim wearsa black suit with no tie

Phillip Lim’s clothes aren’t dependent on trends, say his colleagues.

The 3.1 Phillip Lim label has its own identity, says Alice Wong, executive director of ImagineX, the Hong Kong brand management and distribution company partnering with Phillip for his China rollout.

Alice believes the success of the designs are down to his fresh approach to the fashion market.

“There is a true spirit behind the brand. His clothes represent a certain attitude that is not dependent on trend. This really is something new for the market,” Alice told WWD.

“Luxury consumers are fast evolving from status-seeking and logo-loving to a more discreet expression of their own individual style. Phillip is leading a new generation of designers that cater to that individualistic approach.”

As Phillip opens his first store in China, Alice points out that the look and feel of his designs are right for the market at the moment.

Taking inspiration from the things around him, Phillip has also just opened up a store in London with another planned for 2014.

The British capital was a natural choice for the brand to expand to, and the store opened in partnership with Club 21 U.K.

“I make clothes that pick up the energy of what is happening around me,” Phillip said.

“London has always been so welcoming to us. We have waited it out and chosen our partner wisely… We want to make sure we are in the right locations with the right message at the right time, and Club 21 are really on board with helping us to do this,” added Wen Zhou, chief executive officer and co-founder of 3.1 Phillip Lim.

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