Before an After Photoshop of the Day: Christina Aguilera

How Photoshop makes celebrities slimmer.

This is a recent pic of Christina VS an edited picture of the singer (31) who looks significantly thinner in the ad for her perfume Royal Desire. In the ad Chrisina can be seen in a pale pink strapless dress, with her hair worn short and curled in the style of Marilyn Monroe.

Photoshop not only made Christina looked slimmer (Christina’s picture with the dress in purple were taken this month). Christinas body bones look mangled.

Jezebel observes that Christina’s body was disorted. This is what Dodai from Jezebel says.

First of all, the face: The chin’s been sculpted, but then someone couldn’t figure out how to make it look normal where the shoulder meets the neck, so it just turned into a valley of shadows.
Next, the arm: Sure, it’s bent at a strange angle, but it also has a zillion varying widths, narrowing, then widening again, and finally tapering into a long, strange wrist.
On the other side, the other arm looks like it might have two elbows? Or one elbow and one valley of shadows?
Also, there’s something missing where her other hip or the rest of her body should be over there on the right.
Finally, the knee: The indentation and the width seem off.

I wonder what does Christina think about this image.

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