Pictures of Celebrities with Facial Open Pores | Skin Problems

Delta Godrem has skin problems too. Click on the image to have a closer look and observe how she has also got pimples, blackheads and open pores. The Aussie singer still manages to look so pretty.

Her secret is to bring attention to her beautiful blond hair.

We tend to believe that celebrities are perfect, we always see them on glossy magazines on pictures that are retouched.

I liked to show you this picture of Cameron Diaz who has confessed that she has always had skin problems like many other celebrities do.

Have a look and see how Cameron has very open facial pores.

You can click on the images to observe them in detail.

Other celebrities with open pores are Jamie Luner

Jamie Luner Facial Close Up | Open Pores and Maybe Nose Job

In 2013 we have seen Zoe Hardman with open pores too.

Zoe Hardman with open pores and twisted nose

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Pictures of Celebrities with Facial Open Pores | Skin Problems — 3 Comments

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