Pictures of Celebrities that Need A Tan Urgently

Click to enlarge all the pictures you see here We tend to think that celebrities are perfect. We believe they hava a perfect body, a perfect skin and even a perfect tan. That is not true. As we have been observing celebrities also have skin problems, they also have weight loss problems and many of them need urgently to go to the beach to get a tan.

Kristen Stewart

The Twilight Star need to go to the beach for a tan

I believe it is more women than men who believe that a tan is sexy otherwise Kirsten couldn’t be on the list of the Most Attractive Women in Hollywood with those white legs that she shows. Maybe it is is because she is on the premier of Twilight and she was meant to be a Vampire.

Anne Hathway

Do you think Anne needs a tan?

I think so!

Anne Hathway

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Pictures of Celebrities that Need A Tan Urgently — 3 Comments

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