New Pictures of Kate Middleton’s Baby Bump were published by Chi Magazine

Again paparazzis captured Kate Middleton baring her baby bump on a private holiday.

Kate and Will were enjoying what they thought would be a romantic getaway on the island of Mustique and again they were followed by papzz who captured images that are now for sale on Chi Magazine.

It is believed that a source told US Weekly that “They thought with the privacy laws on the island they would be able to spend a moment outside of the house without this happening,”

A spokesperson at St. James’s Palace issued a statement that once again talks about their privacy rights invasion.

“[We are] disappointed that photographs of the Duke and Duchess on a private holiday look likely to be published overseas. This is a clear breach of the couple’s right to privacy,”

Kate Middleton’s low profile baby bump became a scandal again.

“The belly grows”: Italian magazine provokes outcry by publishing Kate Middleton pregnant bikini snaps says the Mirror UK

KAte Middleton's Baby  Bump Pictures not published in the UK

Do you believe people who buy the magazines contribute to increasing privacy breaches for famous people? What is the big deal with Kate’s baby bump?! :(

All the major Diaries are covering the news. It looks like there is not commitment to keep the pictures secret. Kate is not topless or anything, Catherine is just wearing a tiny bikini that shows her small bump that the Royals wanted to keep confidential.

Chi Magazine Shows Kate Middleton's Baby Bump

In Italy the news is bigger than the Pope’s resignation. In NY the Royal unborn baby is covering the headlines. In fact the image above was published by the NY Post. They say:

An Italian magazine is poised to publish photos of the princess in a royal blue two-piece, showing just the slightest sign of her pregnancy.

The Chi magazine pictures were snapped during a recent vacation in the secluded Caribbean isle of Mustique. Middleton’s bump can only be seen when she’s shot at an extreme side, profile angle.

The princess and future queen of England is a favorite target of celebrity shutterbugs.

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