Pictures of Real Women: Before and After Make Up

Let’s accept it, we love pictures and after my many years of blogging I know how much we love the before and after pictures. In sydney4women we have 1000s of before and after pictures: Before and After Cosmetic Surgeries of the Stars, Celebrities Before and After Weight Loss, Celebrities with and without make up just to mention a few.

Today is a bit different, this is a post that I have been planning to publish for a very long time and I am very excited about it. This is a post about real women (not the famous celebrities), women like you and me and their before and after make up looks.

Most of these women are very pretty even without make up but there is indeed a difference in their faces when they have make up on.

The trick might be that it is Napoleon Perdis – the brand or the artists – who is in charge of this make up art. These are images that the Facebook Page of Napoleon Perdis has published over the years.

Let’s enjoy this collection of images of real women together and see with our own eyes how different we look when mascara, lipstick and eyeshadow has been applied into their beautiful faces.

Real woman before and after make up pictures
A picture published at the Facebook Page of Napoleon Perdis of this woman before and after make up. This young lady is very pretty naturally but her blue eyes and her beautiful smile are enhanced with the application of a natural make up. I loved the orange lipstick.

Natural beauty is good and accepting ourselves naturally is great but a little bit of make up from time to time will help you to feel confident and gorgeous.

before and after make up and hairstyle

This young lady has been transformed with the aid of make up and a hair do by Napoleon Perdis or his team.

before and after make up pictures
How can you look after a smokey eye make up session. This is a picture that Napoleon Perdis published of this beautiful woman.

non famous woman with and without make up

A non famous woman looks very different with and without make up. This is what Napoleon Perdis did for her.

Kirsten Stewart Style
A non famous woman looks very different with and without make up. This is what Napoleon Perdis did for her.

To get this look Napoleon Perdis share the secret on his Friday Tip of the Week on his Facebook Page:


How to get Kirsten Stewart’s smoky eyes.

July 12, 2012
Kristen Stewart nails the fail-safe sultry smoky eyes at this year’s MTV Awards in LA.
Check out our ‘before’ & ‘after’ on the gorgeous Ginelle Dale using a handful of trending colors from Napoleon Perdis and a few simple steps to seriously hypnotic eyes!
•Smudge Eye Pencil Onyx Factor over the eye lid and below the lower lash line using a small synthetic brush for a dark creamy base.
•Blend Color Disc Chocolate Ganache over your creamy base and extend the eye shadow out towards the temples to create an alluring shape.
•For a luminous textured finish, dust Loose Eye Dust Holy Smoke over the top of the application of Color Disc Chocolate Ganache.
•Add warmth to the eye by sweeping Mosaic Flushing through the socket using a soft blending brush.
• Add definition on the lower water line using Eye Pencil Onyx Factor.

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