Pictures of Veins in Built Arms

Oh my God! This journey of understanding beauty, fashion, stars, what is cool, what is accepted, the pressure on looking great I have come across to discovering so many things I didn’t know before.

Wrinkles are not accepted, hair on your skin is not accepted, you have to be fit but building muscle is not good either.

I have seen famous newspapers criticizing stars like Cameron Diaz for her built arms.

Too Buffy

Today I found a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker who shows arms with veins due to excess of exercise.

This is the picture that the Daily Mail published today:

Sarah Jessica Parker

The UK diary is saying that this star has been taking her regime too far in order to be slim.

They also show this picture of Madonna showing it how she might end up if she continues exercising.


You can see the whole story here

You are free to think whatever you want after reading it but I just want to say something:

- Who decides what is right for us or not?

- Don’t we have the right to choose how is how we want to look and do with our bodies?

Obviously going to the extremes is never good but then I think about other sort of “double messages that we get all the time”:

Being fat is not good
You have to exercise but…

You cannot exercise too much!
You cannot develop muscle! Bla, Bla, Bla

Can’t we just free ourselves of the opinions of others and enjoy what we do, do it for us instead of trying to achieve standards that other people set?

If we are doing positive things for us and our bodies, why shall we comply with the rules of others?

We can be free to set the rules of our own game!

After all what really matters is that I AM HAPPY WITH MYSELF!

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