Pippa’s Beauty To Sell Lots of Party Planning Books

Pippa’s beauty was discovered on the day or Kate & Will’ Royal Wedding.

Let’s remember her beautiful face on that unforgettable day.

The Alexander McQueen dress that she help Pippa to steal the show at her sister’s Royal Wedding day cost was £20,000 but every pound invested was worthy. Her beauty and good body shape is helping ‘your royal highness’ to earn more money and continue her successes as a professional of the party business.

Pippa didn’t marry a prince, she is not a royal but she is becoming richer and more famous everyday.

Pippa | Kate's little sister

Pippa’s first book will be launched this week, a self-penned party planning guide entitled Celebrate. Kate’s sister had agreed to turn down requests for one-on-one interviews and television appearances for fear of embarrassing the Royal Family, after discussions with Kate. (Poor Pippa!)

This is what it is said about the book that will cost £25:

Her publishers are said to be ‘extraordinarily excited’ about the potential of Celebrate and have, the Mail understands, already signed her up for a three-book deal.
‘Pippa has always known that she had to handle this deal carefully for fear of causing embarrassment to her sister and at a very early stage ruled out the possibility of doing any interviews in print or on television as she knows all anyone will want to do is ask her about William and Catherine,’ said a source close to the future Queen’s sister.
‘That said, she does need to sell the book and is more than willing to roll up her sleeves and get stuck in. As well as a serialisation, plans are under way for her to do several book signings as well as a stock signing.
‘Pippa is hugely proud of the book and is looking forward to it immensely.’

Our Beauty Tip:

Looking always your best can help you in circumstances that you don’t even imagine. Look at Pippa, how much money and fame has gained just by looking gorgeous on that wedding day. She dared to show her curvy body shape that has become an incredible asset in her career.

It is believed that Pippa signed a £400,000 deal with Michael Joseph, an offshoot of Penguin, who won a fierce bidding war to sign her in the aftermath of last year’s Royal Wedding.
If true — and it has not been denied — the deal is virtually unheard of for a first-time non-fiction author.
Pippa, 29, has insisted on writing the book — described as a cross between a party-planning bible, entertainment guide and recipe book — herself.
‘She was offered a host of ghost writers, but said no to them all,’ a source said.

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This is the cover of Pippa’s book.

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