Plastic Faces? Cheryl Hines Too Plastic!

I heard a rumour of Cheryl Hines getting her implants removed on Ellen. I tried to confirm it and I couldn’t find a thing but I just thought her plastic face was worth of publishing.

This is one of those ladies that transform their faces through plastic surgery. I don’t think she looks ugly but I do believe the star is one of those faces that look very plastic.

I would say that Cheryl has had more than just one plastic surgery. I can say the celebrity has had several nose jobs, facial rejuvenation operations and many more procedures. We can still some evident wrinkles on her eyelids.

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Plastic Faces? Cheryl Hines Too Plastic! — 1 Comment

  1. I bet that even after 6 months in her grave that Mary Richardson Kennedy is still much prettier and natural looking than homewrecker Cheryl Hines.

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