Plastic Surgery or Natural Beauty? Georgina Chapman

Has Georgina Chapman gone through plastic surgery?

There is something in this face that suggests that beautiful Georgina has got a cosmetic procedure. It might be plastic surgery or maybe just something simpler that doesn’t involve surgery such as botox or dermal fillers but this face doesn’t suggest to be 100% natural.

The possible procedures that star might have gone through are: lip injections, dermal fillers for her cheeks, rhinoplasty (nose job) and even dermal fillers for facial rejuvenation but only her and her doctors know since there is nothing that this pretty designer has publicly accepted.

Georgina is still young, only born in 1976 she might be the kind of woman who hasn’t developed any kind of wrinkles.

Do you think the English Fashion Designer and Actress is a cosmetic or a natural beauty?

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