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Megan Fox Before and After Plastic Surgeries
Above Megan Fox who is one of the famous stars who has had lots of cosmetic surgical procedures.

The American Society for Plastic Surgery publishes an article that touches the point of the information that it is available in Google for the topic and it can be misleading.

The problem when plastic surgery meets the limelight

The media can have a big impact on the way we perceive the world around us, but is it always wise to trust the word of news organizations? Items that grab headlines are exceptional, which can make relating them to everyday life a tricky process. When it comes to plastic surgery, making assumptions about what options are available and what outcomes are expected based solely on what you hear on the news isn’t the best way to get informed.

What makes the news?

Awful Cosmetic Surgeries in the NewsIf you do a quick Google search for news about plastic surgery, you’ll likely come across quite a few scary stories about liposuction procedures gone haywire or back-alley doctors injecting unsuspecting patients with all sorts of dangerous substances. While such incidents do happen, they are very, very rare, and are often the result of individuals failing to take patient safety seriously.

The reality is that the vast majority of surgeries performed by board-certified plastic surgeons go off just as planned, and they often deliver results that make patients quite happy. You can take your safety into your own hands by asking your plastic surgeon about his or her accreditation, experience and medical training. A thorough consultation can not only inform you about potential procedures, but it can also let you know how to best stay safe when preparing to go under the knife.

Be wary of celebrities

Lady Gaga Plastic Surgeries: Can't believe it!

Aside from plastic surgery mishaps, you’ll also likely hear a lot about celebrities who have received less-than-stellar plastic surgery. The news media loves to gawk at stars who have gone a little too far with their beauty enhancement, but you must maintain a realistic perspective when reading such stories. Remember that the media will focus on celebs who have had bad plastic surgery while completely ignoring those who have improved their appearance by going under the knife – often because it’s not as obvious when a person has received high-quality plastic surgery.

Many individuals ask their doctor to give them a natural or organic look, which means the results of your surgery will be subtle enough that people won’t notice outright. Instead, they are more likely to think you look well-rested and pick up on your boosted self-confidence and the healthy glow that quality cosmetic surgery can provide.

If you’re interested in getting the real deal on what plastic surgery can do for you, your best bet is to meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon for a one-on-one conversation.

I have a few points to comment about this article and I think my point is very valid since I have been blogging about plastic and cosmetic surgery for more than 4 years.

1. It is true that the information that you find in Google might not be the best one. You actually need good searching skills to find what you need. The web is saturated with advertising, web pages that are promoting cosmetic surgical procedures and news related to the topic that are attractive to the readers but not very informative. Be careful with what you read and check your sources.

2. It is true that those horrible incidentes are rare but they happen so it is better to be informed about the things that you have to be careful about. You don’t want to be the rare case. Even the rich and the famous who can afford the most expensive doctors and treatments have even died when surgery doesn’t go right.Horrible Cosmetic Surgeries in the News

3. The industry is so profitable that has become saturated, people from different backgrounds are performing cosmetic procedures that might be not be properly qualified. In Australia we have plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, doctors without specific qualifications for plastic surgery performing cosmetic procedures. We have dermatologists giving skin cosmetic treatments to their patients. You can find laser hair removal at dedicated cosmetic clinics but now it has become a procedure offered also at beauty salons. Botox is now everywhere, in most practices it is a nurse the one that performs the cosmetic injections. All the beauty related businesses want your money. A recent study in the United States has shown that people pay first their cosmetic treatments rather than their bills.

4. Qualified plastic surgeons face a hard competition, while these qualified doctors had to go through severe examaninations and many years of study they come out in the market and they compete against beauty therapists, nurses and even dentists who are performing now botox injections.

5. Paying a qualified plastic surgeon might be a bit (or a lot) more expensive but it might be worth to consider your chances of paying for the extra. It is true that most of the times those plastic surgery dramas were not performed by certified doctors. If you are in Australia the industry is not very well regulated so it can be confusing to understand the credentials of a doctors.

6. The most popular cosmetic procedures are what experts called non-invasive or less invasive. These are procedures that don’t need a surgery but they still need of the skill of a professional to perform them. Even when they are beauty procedures they are in the borderline with medical procedures so if they are not performed professionally they can affect your skin and even your overall health. Chemical peels, laser hair removal, dermal fillers and microdermabrasion are some of them.

7. The celebrity factor is huge. Yesterday I was talking about an article published in Australia that shocked me. The results of a recent survey that the biggest concern among young Australians is their body image and according to the article our young men and women are highly affected by celebrity looks. This is not a matter that affects only Australians. In another article a Korean young student said that if you are Korean you must have to have cosmetic surgery or you will be considered a weirdo. In South Africa plastic surgeries among young black people have also become a popular procedure. In the UK we get to hear that Kate Middleton’s nose is the most popular request for plastic surgeons. So now we pay money to look like… (you name it…).

8. The article above suggests that when plastic surgery is performed properly people won’t notice it very easily. Although this might be true I hear everyday stories that become headlines of famous people that put themselves through lots of procedures that of course become obvious. Maybe having obvious changes is what people aim for. What people have to understand is that plastic surgery won’t convert you into someone else. You will still be a modified you and you might not be happy with the results if you already struggle to accept yourself. There is a risk of wanting more and more surgeries with the aim to achieve the perfect nose, the perfect boobs, the perfect…. that becomes endless because you become more imperfect with more surgeries and procedures.

9. An issue that really interests me is the topic that relates cosmetic surgery with self-confidence. Although I am not opposed to plastic surgical procedures I truly believe that the aim of plastic surgery should not be improving self-confidence. Self-confidence comes from within and even celebrities have said that surgeries didn’t make them feel better about themselves. If you really want to work on self-confidence issues you really have to learn that no matter how you look you are an attractive and capable woman.

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