Plastic Surgery Questions 2012

Let’s talk about those question that you have about cosmetic surgeries of the stars this 2012.

This is the list of questions that I received:

1. Which celebrities have a mole underneath eye

I have a very good post that has pictures of celebrities with facial moles. I have observed a lot of famous women with moles on their faces. To mention just a few of them Eva Mendes, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, Kate and Pippa Middleton are some of the stars that are included in the list. Others have removed those moles from their faces like Sarah Jessica Parker. Marylin Monroe who is a famous icon also had one. I will pay more attention and create a post that includes images of celebrities with moles underneath their eyes, in the meantime I can leave you with a picture of Angelina Jolie who has a mole above her eye (to be exact it is above her right eyebrow).

Some women have issues with their facial moles, to be honest a facial mole is not a defect, it is not something that makes you ugly. Facial mole are something that make you unique and different but if it really bothers you there is the option of getting it removed. Talk to your doctor, in Sydney you can go to a Skin Cancer Clinic without a GP referral, the doctor can check your mole and make sure you have not developed skin cancer and if it is only a aesthetic problem they can remove easily.

2. did emily vancamp get breast implants?

Lots of people are talking about Emily VanCamp, they have asked me if she has got breast implants or not. Somehow, people believe that her breasts look bigger now. You can check her pictures here so you can decide if she has got a boob job or not.

3. anne hathaway nose job before and after.

Did Anne Hathaway have a nose job or not? Well, Anne Hathaway is one of those Hollywood favourite stars that is famous since she was very young, we have all seen her transformation, she was actually part of a very famous movie “The Princess Diaries” where we all saw her makeover transformation. We got to see her go from ‘ugly’ to a princess look. Of course, being a movie it was exaggerated how she looked before the makeover. I have got some pictures of the actress of Les Miserables so you can decide if she has got a rhinoplasty or if her nose is naturally beautiful.

4. georgina chapman before and after plastic surgery .

People believe the English actress and fashion designer gone through the knife. Check her pics.

5. Did Jenna Dewan Tatum have a plastic surgery?

We can admire pictures of her that show her amazing beauty, I believe she has got at least some cosmetic dental treatments to leave her with that beautiful and whit smile. If there is a rumour there might be some truth there.

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