Pregnant Dresses of Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is still showing her curves, she is wearing dresses that hide her extra kilos.

Kim Kardashian covers her baby bump

I have seen her this week wearing a very similar dress in a different colour.

Kim Kardashian Accentuates her waist

Compare the yellow VS the black dress and they are very similar.

Kim Kardashian covers her baby bump

Kim knows that black is a colour that makes you look slimmer.

Another thing that I observed is that Kim still has got issues with her skin. She has talked about her psoroasis problems, I don’t know if this is psoroasis but we can observe a skin white spot in her leg. Check it out.

Kim Kardashian Sun Spots or Skin Problems?
Of course has always made a big deal of her big breasts and I believe she will continue with that line since she is pregnant her boobs will grow and I am sure the famous reality tv star will make sure we all get to see how her bra size increases.

Pregnant Breasts of Kim Kardashian

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