Pressure on Being Thin: Daisy Lowe Talks

Fat or Curvy: Daisy Lowe shows a not slim body

In the above picture we can see Daisy at the Tommy Hilfiger and Esquire party to celebrate the London Collections: Men in London on Monday 7th of January.

Check out on the image below how magazines transform the stars to super skinny to sell more mags. I don’t think it is fair to show the image of woman that doesn’t exist. Daisy Lowe’s body is a bit much more thicker than this.

Daisy Low body Retouched at Grazia Magazine
Photoshop might be the fastest way to lose weight in only seconds.

Daisy Lowe talks about the pressure of being slim.

‘I can sit here and say, “I love being curvy”, but of course there are pressures to be thinner. Stick you next to a 15-year-old Russian model doing the shows and these look like thunder thighs.’

Daisy Loves Food so she goes to the gym

Daisy’s gym schedule means she can treat herself to what food she likes.

She said:

‘I just like food too much – it is one of the great pleasures.

‘My complete being is the opposite [of skinny]. I am quite maternal, I love to bake, I love all that homely thing.’

Below you can see Daisy Lowe in the cover of Grazia Mag showing a completely different body.

Daisy Lowe Body Retouched at Grazia Magazine

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