Pretty Breasts: Fake or Real These Girls Look Nice


Fake it or real the breasts of these ladies look very pretty. Above we can admire Jennifer Garner’s beautiful breasts even if they have gone through a boob job or not she looks very sexy and feminine.

Kate Hudson's Pretty Breasts in Low-Cut Dress
Kate Hudson sneaks a peak

Julia Lescova Small Breasts
Julia Lescova doesn’t have big breasts and she looks pretty

Nina Dodrev's Breasts (un)covered
I liked the elegant way how Nina Dodrev shows her bust without showing too much

Zoe Deschanel's Pretty Breasts in strapless dress
Zoe Deschanel looks gorgeous in this red strapless dress that shows her busty figure

Gia Jordan's Big & Round Breasts look fake
Gia Jordana knows her round breasts could be one of her main assets (the roundness makes me think of fakeness though)

Britney's Breasts Are Big
Britney doesn’t really show much but she made us believe she did by wearing this skin colour dress that let us see that her bust is big

Bree Olson's Large Implants?
Bree Olson shows with pride her large breasts, we wonder if they are implants

Amy Adams Shows a lot of breast skin in low cut dress
Amy Adams looks very slim and busty at the same time

JESSICA CHASTAIN's breasts look sagging!
The dress that Jessica Chastain is wearing is not fair with her beauty, I think she looks gorgeous but her breasts look a bit sagging

Claire Danes Sneaks a Peak of her Breasts
Claire Danes sneaks a peak of her breasts

In regards to women, beauty and breasts I have been developing my point of view for a while. I don’t think we all need to have huge breasts to be pretty, I don’t think we need to get operations to comply with somebody else’s standards but now I can appreciate why we make such a big deal about breasts. Our breasts are something that only women have, they make us different and feminine. We feel sexy by wearing bras and showing off our breasts regardless of our sizes that is why I decided to put this post together with the aim of enojoying the feminity and beauty of these stars that are showing them in a honorable and beautiful way. We don’t care if they have implants or not, let’s just accept that they look pretty.

Eva Longoria Shows SExy Breasts
Eva Longoria’s perky breasts

Halle Berry shows her busty figure

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