Personal Stylist School: Lesson 3 | What Shoes Should I wear with a Mini-dress or Mini-Skirt

Don’t be shy and show off your legs. Our feminine legs regardless of our shape are a great asset. Women always look beautiful in mini-skirts, shorts or minidresses. There are some lessons that you can learn so your legs can look longer and prettier.

There are some tricks that the stars use to make their legs look longer. Have a look to the following pics of some famous women wearing mini-dresses and mini-skirts and you will be able to learn what are the things that they in order to make their legs look longer.

Natalie Martinez Wears a Sexy Miniskirt
Can you see what Natalie Martinez does to elongate her legs?

Miranda Kerr wears a white mini-skirt & yellow suit

Can you perceive something that Miranda Kerr here is wearing to create the visual image of having longer legs?

Naomi Campbell wears a sexy mini-dress

Naomi Campbell has darker skin and she wears shoes that are similar to her skin colour to make her legs look longer.

Image Consulting Lesson:

The lessons here to make your legs look longer and prettier are:

1. wear nude colour shoes or black shoes if you have very dark skin. (Ceck Miranda)

2. Sandals or shoes with small stripes also help your legs look longer. (Check Naomi or Emmy)

3. Pumps are great to look taller. (Check Ginnifer below)

4. Peep toes are great shoes. (Check Ginnifer) Try not to wear shoes that cover your feet, the more skin you show in your feet, the longer your legs look like.

5. Watch out for unwanted hair in your legs

6. Apply cream in your legs, be careful with your knees.

Check out lesson 2: when and how to wear horizontal lines

Emmy Rossum flaunts her legs with elegance wearing a yellow dress.

If you have pretty legs show them off.

Look how toned and long Emmy’s pins look.
Emmy Rossum's Pretty & Long Legs

I wished she shared her exercise routine to tone up her legs.

Ginnifer Godwin shows off her long legs, busty figure and small waist.

Ginnifer Godwin's Legs & Small Waist

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