Pretty Noses of Beautiful Women

Blake Lively's Nose has been reshaped?

Has Blake Lively’s nose been reshaped?

We can also admire her beautiful smile that went through a makeover to leave it this pretty.

blond celebrities with beautiful noses: brittany snow is one

For those who want to admire Brittany Snow’s beauty here is a very recent picture of the star at the People Choice’s Awards 2013.

Sandra Bullock Nose at 40

Sandra Bullock proves that you don’t need to be super young to be super pretty. For me her smile is what makes her beautiful (One Direction would say).

Emma Watson's Young and Natural Beauty

For me Emma Watsons is one of those stars who looks effortlessly beautiful. Just look at her in this picture. We can admire her natural beauty that includes her pretty nose and what can you say about her sexy red lips?

Jennifer Lawrence Beauty Icon Style

Jennifer Lawerence has become a beauty icon. She is setting trends for other stars and I suppose that also for women who want to get the celebrity look. Would you say she had a nose job?

Chloe Moretz: Nose Job or Not?

I like to show pics of young celebrities because I believe we have more chances to admire natural beauty. I don’t think Chloe has had any cosmetic surgeries yet. What do you think?

Kaley Cuoco's Cosmetic Surgery or Natural Beauty?

The super famous Kaley Cuoco presented her pretty face here looking a bit different to what we see everyday at the Bing Bang Theory. Lots of people wonder if the sexy actress is a natural beauty of if she has had any surgeries. I would like to think she is a natural. Do you agree?

Below you can check a few other famous and pretty faces and their noses.

Which one do you think is the prettiest?

When it comes to noses I don’t think we can say there is a perfect nose. The nose is part of the overall face and it has match nicely. Imagine Blake Lively with Emma Watson’s nose. I don’t think she would look as pretty as she does now even when Emma’s nose is so pretty.

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