Pretty & Ugly Faces in Hollywood

No all faces in Hollywood are completely beautiful.

I do believe that all women are beautiful but I like to see famous women that are not necessarily the Barbie kind of girls.

Today I found pictures of a few ladies that are famous and do not have the perfectly shaped nose and their faces don’t follow the rules of what others consider ‘pretty’. I don’t think they are ugly, I just bring these images to show how we don’t have to be like anybody else and still look gorgeous.

Chrisitina Allen doesn’t seem to have gone through plastic procedures.

Carry Caegan’s face looks like she had a nose job.

Brie Larson’s forehead has got lots of little pimples and still looks very pretty!

Other ladies in sydney4women want to see:

Stana Katic Plastic Surgery
Scarlett Johansson Breast Reduction
Madeleine Pulver
Pink has got acne

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