Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Australia Hidden Costs

financing your plastic surgery in sydney australiaHow much for a plastic surgery in Australia?

How much will I pay in Sydney for a Boob Job, Nose Job, Tummy Tuck, Lipo?

You want to know: Prices, Fees, Finance Methods, Credit, Affordable, Expensive.

Is it covered by MediCare? Can I get money back from my health fund?

Let’s try to anwer all those questions if you are considering a cosmetic surgery.

Is it true that the best surgeons charge more?
Finance for plastic / cosmetic surgeryDo you want to know all the Financial Facts about Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Australia?

Financial Facts

Are there any standard fees for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery?

The standard fee charged in this office for reconstructive surgery is the Australian Medical Association recommended fee.

Are the Plastic and Cosmetic Fees covered by Medicare and Health Funds?

In most instances there will be a moiety of your surgical fee which will not be covered by Medicare and your health fund.

How can I know how much is the gap that it has to be paid?

You ask about the gap to your plastic surgeon but it is recommended that you also check it with your health fund. With respect to cosmetic surgery, some of the operations will receive a benefit from your insurer whilst others will not. Your surgeon may be able to give you some exact estimates of what he final costs might be.

What are the fees involved in a plastic surgery procedure?

Please be advised that when you have an plastic – cosmetic surgery -operation, not only is there a fee for your attending surgeon and his assistant, but also for the anaesthetist and the hospital. It is good to know in advance the charges and rebates.

What are acceptable means of payment?

Fees would need to be fully explained at your consultation or before you commit to surgery. Normally the fees for your consultation will be paid at the time of service.

Before confirming an operation get full financial advice, including what you expect to be your out of pocket expenses and any benefits you are able to receive from Medicare or your private insurer.

Normally payment for your cosmetic procedure is expected before the date of surgery.

Most top surgeons accept cash, personal cheque, bank cheque or Visa/Mastercard. American Express is not always accepted but ask before making any commitment.

Will Medicare and my private Health Fund cover my treatment?

Many cosmetic surgery procedures enjoy a benefit from Medicare and Health Funds. In some instances, even breast augmentation qualifies for a benefit. You can be sure that our efficient office team will make all the enquiries and applications on your behalf to ensure the best possible rebate for you.

Is there Finance available in Australia for a Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery?

Yes, there are a few Financial Institutions that would lend you money for your plastic / cosmetic surgery.

“Sex appeal is fifty percent what you’ve got and fifty percent what people think you’ve got.”Sophia Loren

Go to: How to finance my cosmetic – plastic surgery in Australia? to know more

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