How to protect Children’s Body Image | Suggestion and Resources
suggest the following steps to help you strengthening your child against
potentially damaging advertising messages.

• Value and accept them as they are. Respond
to their unique abilities and interests.
Appreciate and accept both their strengths and
• Believe they can do things and show them
that you do. “You can reach the ball by
yourself. Give it a try.”
• Treat them with respect. It is from your
respectful behaviour that they will learn selfrespect.
• Don’t compare them with others. True self
worth is independent of others.
• Appreciate and comment on your child’s
efforts and improvements. “You’re getting
better at remembering to wash your hands
before dinner.”
• Comment specifically on your child’s positive
qualities. “Maybe if you sing to your baby,
brother, he’ll have an easier time falling
asleep. He likes to hear you sing.”
• Show a genuine interest in areas that interest
them, even if they are not so important to you.
• Keep a sense of humour. This can help both
you and your child relax.

Information in the section has been
adapted from ASG Parent

Other websites that have valuable information are:

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Sexualisation of children and its impact on their wellbeing
Comissioner for Children and Young People Western Australia,%20members%20of%20the%20community,%20media,%20advertisers%20and%20retailers.pdf

Melinda Tankar-Dreist
The Pornification of Girlhood

Information for young people and parents. Ideas on how to reduce the impact of image on body image.

Too sexy too soon by Young Media Australia
The sexualisation of children in the media

Dealing with eating disorder for parents website

Body Image in Adolescentes
University of Manitoba

Media and Body Image

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