Public Vomiting Affects Your Image? | Lady Gaga Shows It Doesn’t Matter

We tend to be so perfectionist with everything we want to do that that most of the times we end up paralysed.

If we literally follow the quote of ‘paralysis by analysis’ we end up doing nothing to avoid the fear of making mistakes or risking not to have everything under control. Lady Gaga shows that nothing has to be perfect and even if ‘terrible’ things such as vomiting on stage happen, who cares? After all, we are all humans and nobody is perfect.

Gaga vomited a few times during her concert in Barcelona.

What happened?

After following the recent example of Justin Bieber, by throwing up, she attempted bravely to continue with her dance routine as she began to perform of Edge Of Glory.

However, she was unable to carry with the routine without stopping again to vomit over the barrier behind her.

Ever the professional Gaga valiantly did more dance moves in between throwing up even more while her male dancer tried his best to obscure the view by staying in front of her.
The Poker Face star held up her own hair as she avoided getting any mess on herself before standing erect and bouncing across the stage to entertain the audience.
It is not the first time the performer has fallen ill on stage as she was forced to halt a concert in Romania back in August to vomit off camera.

Source: Daily Mail

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