Where to put your arms when you pose for a picture

The way you pose for a picture says a lot of things about you, your posture and body expression reveals a lot of you, your pose expresses emotions, personality and even feelings.

A good picture shows a confident model a person that feels comfortable with who she is. It is not about looking perfect and hiding our imperfections, it is about feeling relaxed, feeling you and being able to print that emotion in an image that can be seen and preserved for ever.

I remember when I started looking at pictures of models and celebrities and I was amazed of how perfect and confident they look. After a while I understood that it doesn’t come natural, they have learned how to look their best and we all can do it.

One important thing when posing for a picture is not to be so judgemental nor aiming to look perfect, it is about showing who you are and daring to discover more about who you really are or who you want to become.
Erica Cerra shows her profile in this picture
The model that you are looking at is Erica Cerra posing for a David Fierro photoshoot.
It takes practice and involves daring to take risks, the risk of not always getting what you want but with practice and the combination of a good photographer and a good pose you will be surprised with the results that you can get from your own portraits.

Let’s aim in this post to talk about where to put you arms when you are posing. Finding the right spot for your arms in a picture can be tricky. The position of your arms can add meaning and glamour to an image or it can destroy the total result.

Here are some ideas of how you can get your pictures enhanced by finding the right and sweet spot for your arms. Remember it takes practice and you are going to get it wrong for sure in many occasions, even the most professional photo-shooting stylist get it wrong quite often.

I found some pictures in the web of models and celebrities that might give you some examples of what to do and what not to do.

Idea 1. Arms at the back
Erica Cerra posing an elegant dress

This picture is about examples of how the models pose for pictures and how they place their arms. This is how the picture of someone who hides her arms will look.

Erica Serra sent her arms back, they are hidden, the aim is in the beautiful dress and her slim body shape. You have to be careful if you decide to do this when posing for a picture, it has some advantages like bringing the attention to an outfit and body what might be risky if you have some extra volume in your belly area.

Your arms can be a great tool for hiding those extra kilos or distracting attention from other areas.

Observe carefully these images and think where is the spot where your eyes are travelling when you look at them. Are you looking at her arms because you know that is what we are focusing on? Forget about the arms and think again what is what it is really capturing your attention. Is it the landscape, her beautiful hair, her slim body, her outfit, her pretty face or even her pose?

Idea 2. Cross your arms
Posing for a picture with arms crossed

Idea 3. Bring your arms up
Ideas to pose for pictures

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